Beijing NaGene Diagnosis Reagent Co., Ltd

Beijing NaGene Diagnosis Reagent Co., Ltd was established in 2015 and is located in the Biomedical Park of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of molecular diagnostic reagent products.

With the goal of "creating fast technology; setting up high-quality consciousness and making brand reagents", we have cooperated with many well-known domestic research institutions and medical units to create a new set of pathogenic nucleic acid extraction and fluorescent PCR amplification technology; the company Committed to providing fast, efficient, practical, complete, reliable and innovative products and solutions for the clinical nucleic acid detection market.

 My company's original "static nucleic acid preparation technology" solves the shortcomings of traditional nucleic acid extraction operations that are cumbersome and prone to pollution. It has the advantages of low laboratory pollution, simple and fast operation, high detection accuracy, and high detection sensitivity.

At present, the hepatitis C virus nucleic acid determination kit and hepatitis B virus nucleic acid determination kit developed by this technology platform have obtained rapid approval from the State Food and Drug Administration and obtained three types of registration certificates, of which the hepatitis C detection kit is a national innovative product . Obtaining consistent customer praise during clinical application is of great significance for accelerating rapid PCR detection and diagnosis of infectious diseases.

The new coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit newly developed by the company in 2020 has the advantages of being free from nucleic acid extraction, simple and fast in operation, and has been widely praised.

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